Jaimini Scholar Program

The Jaimini Scholar Program came into being due to the determination of 28 Vedic Astrologers to study the Upadesha Sutra of Maharsi Jaimini in the method of the tradition starting in 2011 and successfully completed the study in five years ending with a Shiva Puja and their certification in 2011. Each scholar shall receive the blessing of ‘freedom’ in addition to various other blessings from the Maharsi. How and when these fructify is to the great Rishi, but freedom …and emancipation, now is just a question of time, and best a few lives. They cannot be in bondage anymore.


Jaimini Scholar Visti Larsen is the new “Living Repository” and In-Charge of these sutra for the future generations. He shall later determine the next person who shall replace him in this responsibility. He is charged with the responsibility of –
1. Recording these words for the benefit of posterity
2. Keeing all the records safe and accessible for earnest students
3. Ensuring that everything necessary is done to protect the wise teachings